Satellite Solutions for the Maritime Industry

Whether for merchant use, fishing, or recreation, X2nSat's maritime solutions keep vessels at sea safe and connected.

We Are Industry Pioneers

X2nSat was at the forefront of maritime connectivity in 2003, when we became the first satellite network operator to build a network capable of bringing broadband Internet to a ship at sea. Since then, we've continued to enhance speed and reliability from ship to shore.

Fleet Management

Our fleet management solution allows a corporation to track the whereabouts of vessels in their fleet. Users can collect data from sensors, including exact location and engine parameters.

Mobile Connectivity

Ships at sea rely on broadband Internet to stay in touch with land operations. That's why X2nSat offers mobile connectivity options, including voice and data links for any purpose.

Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are small handsets that enable users to make and receive phone calls without terrestrial infrastructure. Handsets have their own phone numbers and behave similar to cellular phones, making them ideal for ship-to-shore communications.

Network Monitoring

Like other industries, maritime businesses must gather data and control units from each of their vessels. X2nSat's satellite systems are the platform of choice for their reliability and scalability.

Point of Sale Communications (POS)

Ferries, yachts, and other commercial ships require the ability to process credit and debit card transactions reliably for their passengers. X2nSat has the secure and cost-effective payment solutions you need.

Hardline and Independent Phones

Some organizations require hardline desktop phones that can be used in the event of any outage. In this case, the handset is connected directly to a satellite terminal, and will work even in the event of complete power loss by the facility, a network outage, or a local PBX failure.

Meanwhile, independent phones can be configured with useful features such as voicemail and call forwarding.

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