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X2nSat is leading the way into the future of satellite communications with the most reliable connections and data capacities anywhere in North America and beyond. Providing reliable, wireless network solutions for over 20 years, we are the satellite communications arm of your organization, committed to superior service.

Satellite Internet and Phone

X2nSat is a full-service satellite network operator that provides satellite internet and voice services anywhere you work.

Network Backup for Business Continuity

Businesses and public entities need to maintain operations even when faced with software or equipment failures. We can help ensure you're protected with business continuity services, including satellite phones and backup data, internet, and point of sale capabilities.


Disaster Recovery Communications

Whether natural or manmade, disasters can wipe out your business operations in a matter of seconds. X2nSat offers the communications solutions necessary during disaster recovery, like voice and data backup, data center colocation, satellite phones, and more.


Emergency Response Communications

For certain industries, the ability to communicate can be life-impacting. We know that access to remote hot spots, mobile command vehicles, and satellite phones not only help save time, but also lives.


Mobile Satellite Internet

Whether you require mobile communications by land or at sea, or remote hot spots for short and long-term use — X2nSat's mobile solutions enable connectivity on the go, anytime and anywhere.


Rural Internet

In today's world, internet and telephone service are a must, regardless of location. We make sure your organization is connected in even the most rural areas.